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A Furniture dealer

A company operating in Central Europe that sells office furniture

An e-shop solution for a furniture seller with tens of thousands of products and a hig volume of orders per day


  • Creation of an e-shop with almost a million product lines
  • Ensuring reliable operation with a high number of orders
  • Connection to several internal company systems (ag accounting, warehousing, etc)


For this international furniture retailer, we created an e-shop solution in four language versions that mediates sales to six different European countries. The e-shop contains a huge number of products and a connection to several external client systems – including accounting and warehousing. Regular automatic updates of the number of products in stock or imports into and exports from the system are necessary. The e-shop was built according to the client’s needs, while the administration is based on the October CMS.

The solution ensures a smooth flow of sales with a high number of orders. We provide ongoing support and add new functionalities according to the client’s requirements.

Key benefits

  • A tailor-made system capable of working reliably with a high number of orders and product lines
  • Flexible connections to internal client systems
  • A long-term functional solution with minimal need for support after launch

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