The heart of software is
quality management

wisdom factory

We provide comprehensive services for software, web and mobile solutions development. We analyse your requirements, propose solutions and manage their seamless implementation.









01 Custom software development

We develop systems according to the specific needs of our customers and take care of their long-term maintenance. Every customer is unique, and we treat you so – according to your individual needs, situation and requirements.

02 Web and front-end solutions

We create web solutions, including analysis and complete technical specifications. From websites to e-shops, web applications to complex front-end applications, we’ve got it covered.

03 Outsourcing of IT services

We provide remote and on-site outsourcing of IT experts and entire development teams. Professional and efficient, we guarantee quality and client satisfaction.

04 Consulting, advisory and audit

We offer expert advice, helping you move your business forward or reveal your potential for improvement.

how we work

Wisdom Factory defines a flexible way of working, fully adapting to the needs of every customer.

01 Analysis of customer requirements
02 Choosing a project management method
03 Realisation, implementation and testing
04 Project deployment
05 Support after deployment

Your requirements are key, so we pay extra attention to finding out exactly what you need.

Once we’ve agreed a way forwards, together we will choose the best model to achieve the project outcomes (eg V-model, SCRUM, combined model, etc).

We communicate with you at all stages of implementation, so you always know the project status. We also do thorough testing as a matter of course.

When launching a project into live operation, we keep downtime to a minimum and provide responsive support.

Most of our projects are subsequently supported by production and long-term development. We’re proud to have ongoing, cooperative partnerships with most of our clients.

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