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Pipeliner CRM

A globally used CRM system

Programming partner of mobile applications for a complex CRM used globally


  • Management and regular development of applicationscompleted in sprints with fixed deadlines
  • Direct impact on solutions and service that are used worldwide by many customers and companies
  • Simultaneous development of applications on Android and iOS


We manage and develop mobile applications for Android and iOS for this American company with global operations. Our partnership sees us offering continual development of the applications, based on the client’s objectives or from feedback of users around the world. This global reach of the brand and its service was our greatest challenge: every improvement has worldwide impact. We work on the project in regular sprints, so meeting agreed deadlines for delivery of functionality is vital. We guarantee on-time delivery of outputs and seamless communication, which leads to a happy client.

Key benefits

  • Quick and professional orientation in the code and in the established processes
  • Adherence to the client’s complex internal processes
  • Meeting of fixed deadlines
  • Regular development and support

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