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Multinational producer and seller of fuel

Complex web applications used in several countries alongside long-term support


  • A heavy reliance on manual processing of various certificates
  • The possibility of reducing the workforce as a result of automating systems
  • High error rates resulting from the manual processes
  • The need to react dynamically to changing certifications or national regulations


We have created several custom applications – especially for managing and generating certificates and declarations. The applications, for example, enable advanced administrative options, including automatic document generation, automatic communication with other institutions and the electronic signing of sensitive documents. The software is used in five countries.

Key benefits

  • Implementation of an automated system
  • Reduction of errors and workforce
  • Simplicity when making changes
  • Flexible response to changes in regulations


Implementation of a project to generate and manage sustainability certificates
From this year, project management and adaptation to current requirements
Implementation of a project for the EMCS

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