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A Financial company

A Central European company focused on asset management

A comprehensive customer zone for an asset manager in Central Europe


  • Providing a comprehensive customer zone connected to the company’s ecosystem
  • Requirements for security, speed and a high number of users
  • Looking for a long-term partner who can provide support and has flexible development capacities


For this asset manager operating in Central Europe, we implemented a customer zone, managing everything from the design of functionality and architecture to the implementation. As part of the implementation, a network topology and microservice structure was designed and created for the company, to cover the strict security standards required by national regulators. Individual microservices formed the basis of the company’s internal API. The services we built obtain data from transaction systems for further processing within the company. We support the system and constantly develop it according to the client’s requirements.

Key benefits

  • Fast delivery of the initial version of the system
  • Adherence with strict security audit requirements and other client needs
  • High satisfaction of the client’s IT department with the quality of our code and support

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