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Provider of solutions for freight and road transport in Europe

Web solutions partner for the fastest-growing provider of integrated mobility services in Europe


  • Web solutions with complex integration into internal and external systems
  • Apps and sites for multiple countries requiring different language versions
  • A high number of users and administrators


For Eurowag, we program and constantly develop web applications and company pages that are built on various administration systems. The solutions are extensive and contain connections with Eurowag’s internal systems and other external services, for example to display current prices at filling stations, current vacancies and more. During development, we also had to build in the client’s requirements for a highly flexibile editing capability – the solutions are built on a large number of modules so that the client can create different sub-pages from them as needed. Our solution also meets the client’s high requirements for security and page loading speed.

Key benefits

  • The high flexibility of our solution
  • Trouble-free operation of systems with many connections
  • Fast support

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